Keep Calm. Carry On.

Sunday was a rather wretched day. Inundated with grading that did not–exactly–go well, faced with all my football teams losing spectacularly (and my apologies to MTB, who was terribly saddened by all my excessive Facebooking about the Colts in particular), and discouraged with the week’s load ahead, I could not even begin to think about anything. Especially 9/11. Especially this semester.

I have already blogged about the last item, and I don’t want to rehash it. Today was better, in that I got ALL grading for this week done, and am already starting on Thursday’s homework. One foot in front of the other. Make the week’s to-d0 list, cross it off, start again. Eventually, I will begin making my next presentation sheet, think about my paper and test for Lit Theory, and come up with a topic for my Rhet/Comp class. But until then, I will chip away steadily at the work immediately ahead. And I will leave you with my new motto for this semester:




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2 responses to “Keep Calm. Carry On.

  1. So how do you find your doctoral program in comparison to your masters? Similarities and differences?

    • It’s hard to compare them so far, because I’m taking very technical, nonliterary classes. But so far, the theory class aligns much more closely to the undergrad lit crit I took (think: formalism), whereas my master’s program focused a lot on queer theory and postmodernism. The class I teach is from a common syllabus, meaning that everyone teaches the same class. That has been an adjustment, since I was used to having a bit more flexibility at the MA level TAship, but so far, it’s working out okay. I’ll keep you posted, once I’m back in lit classes!

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