To the Universe-Disturber: A Letter

To Miss Jane Austen, writer of six fantastic novels and the inspiration for my literary career:

My dear Madam,

Words cannot begin to describe what you have meant to me for the last fourteen or so years. I first picked up Pride and Prejudice as a middle-schooler, hoping for adventure, finding instead a rich, deliciously wicked portrayal of mankind at both its best and worst. I have gone on to read this book many more times, with something new to discover every time.

I have read every one of your books, pored over it, puzzled over it, and discussed at length with fellow readers. I hope to write about you myself, as other devotees have done, and to teach my own students to admire you as I do.

I find myself unable to convey the depths of my affection, but know that you will always be a part of me. I will not bother you further with silly expressions of adoration, but instead use a phrase from Persuasion that most accurately captures what you mean to me:

You pierce  my soul.

Your humble svt., etc.


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