Welcome to the Dark Side

Okay, not that Dark Side.

The Chancellor and I have been trying to save money as much as possible. We’re going to a teachers’ convention in August, which will involve a bit of money. My temporary job turned out to be only too temporary, so I am not working right now. Therefore, we’ve been recalculating our summer budget to meet our needs as inexpensively as possible.

And, for me, one of those budget cuts has been getting my hair done. I’m not vain about much, except my hair. I get a lovely haircut and generous highlights from the Aveda salon a few times a year. I love the way my hair looks, with layers of light and dark blonde. I told you, vain.

But, let’s be honest. Highlights from Aveda are expensive, and they require special shampoo/treatments to stay bright for as long as possible. So…what’s a vain-blonde girl to do?

Insert returning-to-roots joke here. Or, if you prefer, a Lady Gaga “I am my hair” manifesto. But the answer is “Not coloring my hair anymore” (for an indeterminate length of time). I’ve been getting highlights for about 9-10 years, and I don’t remember what my hair naturally looks like. By itself. With a stylish cut (because back when my hair was natural, my haircut was less-than-chic, and so my whole head felt flat). I’ve decided to keep getting my hair cut at Aveda, because, those stylists are awesome AND they are good at working with girls-who-have-fine-hair. So, Stage 1 happened today: cute cut with no additional color.

As you can see, the ends are a bit lighter, but the naturally dark-blonde roots are becoming more prominent. I’ve been using a leave-in conditioner I found at Whole Foods: a Brazilian keratin and argantan oil-based solution, which has turned my hair lustrous and shiny. Plus, it’s natural, without any of the hormones/chemicals choking hair products in your grocery store.

So there you have it: a resolution to return to the natural order of things. I’m embracing my hair as-is: a dark blonde (or maybe a winter blonde? There is no way I’ll submit to “dishwater blonde”). It feels revolutionary–and my wallet is already grateful.

Oh, c’mon. How can I talk about the Dark Side and not have Darth Vader’s picture up?


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