#CBR5 Review #6: Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

Sookie Stackhouse novel, Charlaine Harris, etc, etc, etc. The series is not exactly deviating from a pattern in the writing or the style, but that’s okay by me. I just started studying in earnest for my looming doctoral exam, and escaping to Bon Temps was exactly what I needed to get through the first week of school.

In Definitely Dead, Sookie (or in the voice of Bill, Sookehhhh) travels to New Orleans to take care of her dead vampire cousin’s apartment and belongings, while beginning a new romance with Quinn, a weretiger. She also meets witch Amelia, and Sophie-Anne Leclerq, the vampire queen of New Orleans. She’s also trying to avoid Bill, the Pelt family, and Jason’s romance with Crystal and the werepanthers of Hotshot.

I greatly enjoyed the original incarnation of Sophie-Anne, who is a much classier lady than she is portrayed on True Blood (I blame Evan Rachel Wood’s acting for that). I less enjoyed the “sex” scene with Quinn, which was just ludicrous. It reminded me of Betty Draper and the washing machine from Season 1 of Mad Men.

All complaints aside, I’m still enjoying the Sookie novels, and I’m going to start the next one ASAP.


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