#CBR5 Review #14: Grendel by John Gardner

If you’ve read Beowulf for a high school or college class, then you might be interested in checking out Grendel. It eloquently reworks the story we know and then flips perspectives: to the villain.

As we all know, Grendel is the monstrous creature eating Hrothgar’s men in old Denmark. But in John Gardner’s novel, we actually get to crawl inside Grendel’s head, experience his language, and feel what he feels. It’s interesting and insightful, and it gave me ideas for how I would teach an intro to literature course: you can take this as an exercise in perspective, or pair it with Beowulf as an example of revising tradition.

I realize this isn’t very book review-y, but I don’t have a whole lot to contribute, except that it was a fairly quick reading, and one that I personally found interesting.


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