#CBR5 Review #59: The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery

My great childhood love for L.M. Montgomery has continued into my adulthood. While I don’t find her to be the best or even my favorite author, she has a special place in my heart for giving me Anne Shirley. I haven’t read all of her other stuff, but I do save up The Blue Castle for the days when I really need a pick-me-up.

Valancy Stirling is 29. She’s an insignificant-looking (as she describes herself) old maid, living with her quarrelsome other and cousin, with no real purpose or drive in life. She doesn’t get to have fun, and the highlight of her life is going to bed and dreaming of a Blue Castle of which she is mistress. She has beautiful clothes and tons of suitors who wait on her hand and foot in this majestic dream palace. But then, her life changes with a doctor visit. Told in a letter that she has less than a year to live, she determines to go out and grab life by the tail. She finds work for another dying young woman and then decides to find herself love while she can.

This premise sounds cheesy, and some parts are. But there is something refreshing about a young woman who decides to just live life the way she wants to and makes her fantasy come alive. This book is comfort food in the purest sense–like diving into a bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese. It’s that yummy. I always feel refreshed after another run through The Blue Castle, and I will probably revisit it again next year.


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