#CBR5 Review #63: Money by Martin Amis

I read this last year, before I became a CBR participant, but I need to re-read it for my dissertation research–I won’t recap the others I’ve read earlier this calendar year. On first reading, I didn’t know what to do with Martin Amis, but my experience has taught me just to take it in, one sentence at a time. 🙂

John Self is a disgusting guy. No two ways around it. He describes himself as a pudgy man of insatiable appetites towards food, alcohol, women, and porn. He’s also brokering a movie deal in the United States, while wondering if his beautiful girlfriend Selina is cheating on him. The novel is a blur of experiences, senses, first-person narrative that breaks down our perceptions of plot and character. And let’s not forget the cameo by “Martin Amis,” a young novelist who attempts to help Self with his screenplay.

If you’re a casual reader, you might Money to be kind of a headache. Hell, if you’re an academic, Money is no joke. It took a lot of slow reading for me to really dig into it. I can easily understand why this is considered one of Amis’s masterpieces, but I would argue it’s not as approachable as some of his other works (like Time’s Arrow, for instance).


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