#CBR7 Review #16: Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell by Rob Thomas and Jennifer Grant

You Cannonballers know how much I love me some Veronica Mars. I love the TV series, the film, and the first book, which I reviewed for CBR6. I have eagerly awaited the arrival of the second book, and it finally showed up at my library! I tore into it and devoured it in a large gulp this afternoon.


Mr. Kiss and Tell picks up a few months after The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line, where Weevil is awaiting the results of his criminal trial, and Veronica is trying to think of a new case. It arrives in the form of a young woman raped and left for dead outside Neptune–she’s accused a laundry employee at the Neptune Grand, and the hotel insurance is trying to clear the business from all wrongdoing. As Veronica digs into the mystery, someone from her past shows up and comes back to haunt her. The mystery builds alongside Weevil’s case, as well as Keith’s suit against Sheriff Dan Lamb and the police department in Neptune.

To say that I greatly enjoyed this novel is an understatement. Last novel, my biggest complaint was simple: Not. Enough. Logan. Thankfully, Mr. Kiss and Tell rectified that situation. I mean, I spent years and years waiting, and after the wish-fulfillment of the movie, I was desperate to be fed:


Thomas and Graham delivered. My one complaint now is simple: Not. Enough. Wallace. He does feature in a hilarious scene, and next book, I demand an even balance with all sorts of Logan AND Wallace. I mean:


However, there is one excellent joke that enters the series, one that I’d sorely missed. I’ll leave you with one hint:



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