#CBR7 Review #25: The Little World of Liz Climo

I’m not a huge Tumblr user, but I’ve occasionally run into Liz Climo’s comics and thought they were adorable/hilarious. So when I saw her book at the library, I decided it was time to take a break from the long and heavy books I’ve been reading lately and do some laughing.

Because this is a series of comics, often unrelated, there’s not necessarily a narrative thread driving the comics together. But there is a running joke about a surprise party gone awry, a dinosaur baby and parent, and lots and lots of cute animals with pithy jokes. Allow me to share a few of my personal favorites. This one is funny-because-it’s-true:tumblr_m1rixqnZ2T1r5ml59o1_500

Also, I super-like koalas. I humbly request that Ms. Climo include more koalas in her next book.

And this particular strip is my *favorite* in the entire book:


Hahahaha. Hilarious. Also, so much better than the original book, if you know what I mean. Also also: who doesn’t love foxes? Show me that person, and we will have WORDS. Clearly, I would never have done fox-hunting had I lived in aristocratic England.

This isn’t exactly a children’s book, because the jokes and language are definitely geared towards adults. But I have no problem with that–I like a good children’s-book-for-adults, and I love pithy cartoons.

I’m hoping to find some cards or postcards with some of these cartoons, because they make me smile, and I really appreciate adorable animals and funny little vignettes. But whatever else, I highly recommend this and other words by Ms. Climo–she’s a talented artist and storyteller.


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