#CBR7 Review #59: The Spectacular Tale of Peter Rabbit by Emma Thompson

After thoroughly exciting myself with The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter, I decided that it was time to read Emma Thompson’s companion novel. I did not realize that she’d written two other novels prior to The Spectacular Tale of Peter Rabbit. So, once I get done with this current library stack, I will have to read the other two novels.

The Spectacular Tale is an adventure–or rather, misadventure–of young Peter and young Benjamin. They are sent off to go run an errand, but old Mrs. Rabbit warns them NOT TO GO TO THE VILLAGE. A fair is happening, and you know what kinds of bad people are at the fair (which makes me think Old Mrs. Rabbit has read Neil Gaiman’s Stardust–all sorts of mischief happened at the fair there). Of course, Peter devises a very clever route so that they *have* to go through the village to reach their destination. And then, by misfortune, he is accidentally won as a toy by a VERY DEMANDING little girl named Flossie. It’s up to Benjamin to sort out the problem and save the day in this little misadventure.

Thompson is one of my favorites of all time, and I am delighted she retains much of the puckish wit of Ms. Potter. The illustrations are truly delightful, and so is the story. At one point, I cackled out loud, and The Chancellor told me, very indulgently, I am a dork. Truly I am. But when it comes to Peter Rabbit, my love knows no bounds. I am delighted to see a new set of stories–I hope a new generation gets to fall in love with him, too.


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