#CBR7 Review #164: Saga (Vol. 2) by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

So, I definitely polished off the published volumes of Saga way too quickly. How could I help it? I’ve never read anything quite so compulsively readable and addicting! I think just about every graphic novel I read from here on out is going to be hampered by unfair comparisons to Saga. It’s pretty much the most perfect space opera I’ve ever read: adventure, gory action, romance, and deliciously dark humor.

Side note: it’s going to be difficult to say a whole lot about Saga that is (a) not a spoiler and (b) not consisting of me shrieking, “SQUEE SAGA OMG IT’S SO GOOD READ IT NOW!!!!” Although, I will totally be saying this throughout the reviews. Because the volumes are just that good. Sorry if I get a little boring in my reviewing. But, you know, go read it for yourself. After you’ve read Volume 1, obviously.

Volume 2 is the story of Marko’s parents, family tension, and the coming together of family across planetary divides. Because Marko has (obviously) not told his parents that he ran off with a member of the enemy, he has a lot of explaining to do. Hazel’s narration told from the future is hilarious and well-timed. Marko and his mother go to find the accidentally exiled babysitter Izabel, while Alana and Marko’s father get to know each other better. And then we have Prince Robot IV searching for the star-crossed family, The Will reluctantly joining forces with someone from Marko’s past, and more delicious sass from The Lying Cat. Seriously, I need a Lying Cat in my life.

It’s rare that I’ve seen humor, sorrow, wit, action, adventure, and beautiful drawings married in one text, but Saga is that rare text. Time for you to go read for yourself!


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