#CBR7 Review #166: Saga (Vol. 3) by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples

I can’t imagine how torturous it must have been to read Saga as the issues and volumes were released. Volume 2 ended on a cliffhanger (I won’t say what it was, obviously), so I was very grateful to have Volumes 1-4 on my hands right away. You’ll want to read Volume 3 quickly after Volume 2, that’s all I’m saying.

Again, in her irreverent style, Hazel narrates the text. But this time, the narration goes back and forth in time a little bit. Here, I feel like Vaughan made one of his strongest storytelling choices to date. By backtracking from the cliffhanger moment a bit, you can see where the characters all landed at that moment, and how the choices and circumstances got them there. There are obviously several interests at play. You even understand how The Will and Gwendolyn arrive at the place that they do, when considering the twist that occurs in that particular storyline. And of course, we can’t forget about the incorrigible Prince Robot IV. He simply won’t go away, though his storyline takes a sudden turn, too.

Vaughn and Staples tell a terrific tale and always keep you guessing. It’s one of the greatest strengths of Saga. Also, the character development is terrific. As Hazel reveals more and more of her life and adventures that occur after the events in the series, you get the sense that hers is a finely-crafted nature, one that will turn her into a rich and interesting woman. I really do hope that I we get to meet the adult Hazel at the end.


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