#CBR8 Review #22

The Bollywood Bride by Sonali Dev

A few fellow Cannonballers’ brief reviews have been trickling in with disclaimers about saving the good stuff for our book discussion, and I’ll follow their lead. I want to save my most salient thoughts for the Cannonball Read Book Club, and I’m eager to hear everyone else’s. In other news: hooray for Cannonball Read Book Club and faintingviolet for arranging it!!!!

Before March hits, here are some initial thoughts and observations:

*I am not a romance reader, so there were genre questions I was interested in, and which I’ll pose at Book Club discussion. Namely: does this represent a “good” romance, and in what way? I’m guessing, based on some initial reactions, that it’s NOT, so I feel a little less bad for not liking it very much.

*So. Many. Feelings.

The second half of the novel finds its legs somewhat, as far as plot is concerned, but the first half of the book is filled with feelings and longings that I just could not dig into. I rolled my eyes at each of Ria’s sighs and blushes and lusts. There was a lot of eyerolling.

*Poor. Communication. Yikes. Good. Lord.

I get that a certain level of conflict and resolution is to be expected in a novel, but the poor communication was entirely forced and not at all realistic for any kind of healthy relationship to exist. Adoption is a thing! TALK TO EACH OTHER. DON’T HIDE THE TRUTH. VIKRAM, YOU’RE A DICK. Actually, that last part was communicated very clearly for most of the book.

*Vikram spends much of the book being a relentless dick. Seriously, why would someone that churlish and unpleasant and mean wet anyone’s whistle? Maybe Sonali Dev was tapping into the Rochester-bad-boy thing? Maybe? I dunno. I didn’t buy what Vikram was selling, though. Which is a problem, since he’s our “hero.”

All right, that’s it until March! See you all there!


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