#CBR8 Review #26

Strong Female Protagonist by Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag

Halfway point! Halfway point! I can do this!

I’m always on the lookout for interesting, challenging graphic novels, especially ones that are geared towards young adults, so I broke my no-library rule and promptly checked out Strong Female Protagonist by Brennan Lee Mulligan and Molly Ostertag, because it sounded intriguing.

And it definitely is intriguing. Alison Green is a former superhero. She has biodynamic anomalies—superstrength and invulnerability—and she becomes Mega Girl in middle school. She enjoys fighting criminals and bad guys until an encounter with super bad guy Menace (a mind-reader) makes her question whether or not a deeper conspiracy is at play. So she takes off her mask and enrolls in college. The book spends its time analyzing what happens to a former superhero and asks again and again whether a “normal” life can ever be in her grasp.

Mulligan and Ostertag merge art and narrative well here, and I’m interested to see how the series will go. I think that Feral’s is an especially painful and poignant story, so I hope they pursue it in Book Two. I don’t know that I’ll read as they update online, since I like to tear into a whole collection at once (this has easily been the most painful thing about Saga. I’m impatiently waiting for Volume 6 and hating myself for it). Also, I need to get back to my home collection sifting. Crime and Punishment is up next. Good grief!

Also: I am FINALLY caught up on CBR Reviews. Hooray me. I need to be much more consistent with writing my reviews. Reading is definitely not the hard part about CBR.


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