#CBR8 Review #32

Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

I like a good, entertaining mystery once in a while. I bought Agatha Christie’s Murder on the Orient Express and have read a few scattered short stories. I also watched part of the Poirot series, which included an episode about Murder on the Orient Express, so I knew the story. But there’s just something about reading a mystery novel and watching the clues unfold before your eyes.

One of my (minor) annoyances regarding the Sherlock Holmes mysteries (which I dearly love) is that Sherlock does not let you into his detective process. You, me, and poor Watson are left in the dark and made to feel extremely stupid for not putting the pieces together. And it’s fine to know that Sherlock is most definitely more observant than all of us, but if you’re holding back information, well that’s TOTES NOT OUR FAULT. I feel like Christie rectifies this somewhat by allowing Poirot to be a bit more accessible, human, and generous with his detecting process.

Murder on the Orient Express is a puzzling case that happens on a train in Eastern Europe. Poirot is put on a full train and on the second day, a murder occurs. The victim is a man despised and distrusted. There are twelve stab wounds, a button left, a partially-burned letter, and a woman in a scarlet kimono. Everyone has a different story, and there are several people with motives. How Poirot sorts through the case is rather thrilling indeed.

If you’re new to mystery, you can’t go wrong with Agatha Christie. I’ve decided that since I’ve read and enjoyed this book, I can send it down life’s pathway to someone else. But it was a highly enjoyable reading experience, and one you should not miss!


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