#CBR8 Review #71

Making Curriculum Pop by Pam Goble and Ryan R. Goble

I’m always in the market for reading material that invigorates my pedagogy, so when The Chancellor sent me a recommendation for Making Curriculum Pop on Goodreads, I was intrigued. This is a K-12 educational book, but I often find that I can adapt to the college level, particularly in my Composition courses.

Pam Goble and Ryan Goble (brother and sister, not husband and wife) are both educators, and they want to incorporate many kinds of written, verbal, visual, and cultural texts in their learning instruction and curriculum. How to do so is more complicated than simply saying, “I will do this!” Therefore, they provide an organizational system to help educators provide new modes of learning and hands-on experience for their students. They use a Learning Experience Organizer (or LEO) that involves different kinds of interactive modes for engaging in texts and cultural documents. For example, the Architect constructs an understanding of the text by “building” main ideas. I’ve oversimplified it somewhat, but that’s the essence of their pedagogy using MC Pop. They also helpfully include over 50 LEOs to provide different instructional modes for aspiring teachers.

I was skeptical of the model at first, because it seemed a little gimmicky. However, as I read on, I realized that Goble and Goble had a clear model and were consistent in developing MC Pop as one means by which teachers can integrate cultural texts into more traditional modes of instruction. It is certainly something I would like to try in my composition courses this fall. I’ll be eager to see how well this works on a collegiate level!


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