#CBR8 Review #97

A Wind in the Door by Madeleine L’Engle

Because I borrowed a ton of L’Engle books from the library, I had to return to my shelves to the Time books, which I already owned, in order to read through the three sequences involving the Murrys, the O’Keefes, and the Austins. I’ve only read through the Time (Murry) sequence once, and only Meet the Austins and A Ring of Endless Light (just barely behind Swiftly Tilting Planet and A Wrinkle in Time as favorite L’Engle books) from the Austin saga. I’ve never read the O’Keefe saga, so that will be fun. But onto the book at hand: A Wind in the Door.

Charles Wallace is pale and silent, more so than usual. Meg is worried constantly about his inability to fit in at school and tries to intervene on his behalf, all while trying to negotiate her own rocky way through life. Calvin, bless him, is stalwart and steadfast as always, while trying to paper over a rough home life. In the midst of all this is a cherubim and a discovery that will change the course of Dr. Mrs. Murry’s life forever—and could be the difference between Charles Wallace’s life or death.

This book is super interesting, because it takes you from the wilds of space to the confines of the human body. It also introduces us to the idea of angels/cherubim as mystical creatures, not the chubby baby angels on Valentine’s Day cards or the vaguely asexual beefcakes in Evangelical storybooks.


See????? [also, that is one serious party-in-the-back mullet]

But back to my review. L’Engle also introduces us to an ESP of sorts, which she calls kything, and it’s super cool. While this is not my favorite, it is really quite interesting. On to the next!


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