#CBR8 Review #108

The Moon by Night by Madeleine L’Engle

Because I was an overzealous borrower at the library, this will be my last Austin book for a while, since I own the rest of the series. And library deadlines are looming, and I’ve already renewed a few holds. First world problems at their finest. So, without further ado, let’s talk about some more Madeleine L’Engle, and my LEAST FAVORITE CHARACTER.

In The Moon by Night, we find out that Vicky is 14. WITH A VENGEANCE. The family is calling it her “difficult year,” even though it’s mostly just the usual teenage angst and having a hard time coping with major family changes: John is going off to college, and Maggie is getting adopted (but there are mild spoilers attached to the circumstances, so I won’t go there). PLUS, the family is moving to New York City and leaving Mr. Rochester and Colette with their renters at the farmhouse (seriously, THE NERVE. I would not leave my animals behind). To ease the pain, the Austins decide to take a cross-country camping trip out to California and back. That’s where Vicky meets my LEAST FAVORITE PERSON, Zachary, plus another young man who is inexplicably attracted to her. And then she has to learn about where her own faith stands.

I have so much vitriol to expend on Zachary. He’s selfish and creepy, and a stalker. Reading about him is painful, because he is seriously a bad stereotype of a rich bad boy. Like, he’s just not even that GOOD at it. Ugh. I know he turns up in A Ring of Endless Light. I can deal with that, though, since we also get a wiser and soberer Adam Eddington. Onward!


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