#CBR8 Review #113

Saga, Volume 6, by Fiona Staples and Brian K. Vaughan

Everyone has already reviewed this volume of Saga, so there’s not too much I can add. Also, I read it so long ago, that Volume 7 *must* be on its way out, right? Right? I digress. [ETA: March 28, 2017, according to Amazon. THAT’S SO LONG TO WAIT, CAN WE GET A KICKSTARTER GOING] I don’t know how much my review will add to the discussion, but I plan to give it my best shot. But can I just say, that THIS is my personal favorite review title: “I find your lack of Lying Cat Disturbing.” +10 to maydays for the classic Darth Vader reference.


Because we all know that the BEST best part of Saga is Lying Cat, right? Right. Also, in totally related news, we have a less subtle, more dogged Lying Cat in this election, one who does not care if he appears to be a total boor when correcting silver-tongued lies:


God bless you, Tim Kaine. Your manterrupting is probably Hillary’s Anger Interpreter come to life. You took one for the team.

Ahem. Saga. It’s probably best if you skip over this next part if you’re not caught up.








Are you still here? Okay, it’s totally your own fault. Let’s push forward. The sixth volume finds us in fragments. Hazel and her grandmother are captives in a Landfall prison, Alana and Marko are at cross purposes until they’re not, and The Will is exorcising some ghosts. Hazel is in kindergarten, and we finally get to hear her child-voice. As you might expect, it’s irreverent, hilarious, and old-soulish. Hazel’s teacher Noreen is wise and caring, and Hazel connects with her in a real way. Of course, she’s in major danger of being killed if people find out she is the child of two different races/species.

Obviously, I enjoyed this volume and am deeply sad it reads so quickly only to initiate a monthslong wait. It’s a double-edged sword. I had a lot of fun with young Hazel, and I *might* have gotten excited about the last-page reveal. My one complaint is this: there is not enough of Gwendolyn, Sophie or Lying Cat to please my fancy. Wish list for Volume 7 initiated!


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