#CBR8 Review #120

March, Book Two by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell

Because March is a three-part series, it’s hard to talk about each book individually, because each develops the larger story arc. Nevertheless, I’ll do my best. As with the last book, Lewis, Aydin, and Powell develop a captivating narrative which delves into Lewis’s life and history as an activist and warrior for equality in the United States.

Book Two deals with Lewis’s post-college life. He describes the early sit-ins in the South and the development of the bus rides that would begin to galvanize an informal movement into an official protest, one which would ultimately garner the attention of President John F. Kennedy before his assassination. He further contrasts conflicting philosophies of activism and African-American civil rights within the various organizations. Like Dr. King, he advocates peaceful nonviolence and develops the methods the groups would employ during lunch sit-ins and other public protests. Yet he also gives a fair shake to Malcolm X and his more fluid stances on violence and self-defense. He also recalls his meeting with Malcolm X in Africa, which I had not known about.

Book Two is a terrific development of the first story and sets up enough suspense for the climactic third act. I won’t say more for now, but this second volume is just as proficiently drawn and told as the first. The drawings are again beautifully rendered, and the story is compelling and informative. I would highly recommend to high school students and older who want to learn more about history and civil rights in the United States.


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