#CBR8 Review #123

The Young Unicorns by Madeleine L’Engle

Aaaaand, we’re back with Madeleine L’Engle. I realize that my read-the-books-on-my-shelf project has stuttered all year long, but I’m determined to make inroads in the unread books that I have lugged around for years. Let’s jump in, shall we?

This book takes place after The Moon by Night, and let’s just get this joyful news out of the way: NO ZACHARY!!! This actually way minimizes the boy drama and instead focuses on a case of suspense and potential espionage. The Austins have moved to New York City so that Dr. Austin can focus on his research with lasers. John is at college, Vicky struggling with high school, Suzy old for her age, and Rob precocious as always. They live in a house shared with Emily Gregory, daughter of a scientist who has temporarily gone off the grid with his own research project. Emily has been blinded by an accident and is reliant upon her own wits and the mercy of others. Josiah Davidson, known as Dave, is helpful, though his own past as a hoodlum (the gang is called the Alphabats. LAME. I half-expected them to snap like the Sharks and the Jets. On an unrelated note, I found West Side Story to be meh. I’m heartless like that) threatens his present peace. And the Austins’, of course.

Canon Tallis makes an appearance, which is kind of kick-ass and awesome. On my Goodreads review, I noted that he was very much like Father Brown in that way. Always a good thing. There’s a cool sidenote with an enormous church organ that I had fun visualizing while I read. A solid book, if you like the L’Engle series. And I do.


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