#CBR9 Review #5

Patsy Walker, AKA Hellcat! Volume 2: Don’t Stop Me-Ow by Kate Leth and Brittney L. Williams

I closed out Cannonball Read 8 with Volume of Patsy Walker, AKA, Hellcat! and was delighted by the experience. The second volume, while not the hilarious sparky joy of the first, still continues an interesting trajectory and challenges the stereotype of the “superhero comic.” I highly recommend continuing the series, and I’m sad that I now have to wait for another installment *again.* [Fun sidenote: The Chancellor has taken to saying Catsy Walker instead and then uses Kate McKinnon’s Cat Lady accent. It’s hilarious, and now it’s stuck in my head.]

Patsy’s best friend, Jennifer, aka She-Hulk, is hospitalized and in a coma. Patsy is beside herself with worry. What’s she going to do? In the meantime, her frenemy, Hedy, has decided to wreck Patsy’s life by contacting her two superhero exes and getting them to take her out. Because of course. Patsy finds herself back in hell and fighting to get back to her regular life. Meanwhile, Black Cat is back, and it’s not a good thing. All seems to be falling apart, and Patsy has to find a way to rally her friends and make it all work.

This series got off to a strong start and seems to continue the interesting story by bringing us a lot more to focus on. There is a LOT of plot, and I hope we get it teased out in Volume 3, but that’s my only complaint. The fun of the first volume still carries over, plus the wry humor. And Patsy herself is a major delight. We get guest appearances by Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, which is a delight. Plus, there’s stuff with Ian and Tom that I won’t spoil for you, but YAY! is all I’ve got there. Plus, Black Cat is a worthy villainess. Lots to enjoy. I’m soooo impatient for Volume 3 already.


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