#CBR9 Review #7

Ms. Marvel, Volume 2: Generation Why by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona

My library accidentally gave me a hardcover edition that included the first two volumes of Ms. Marvel, so I got to read the second volume right away. Hooray! I hate waiting for more books in a series, though I got greedy with my library and am going to have to wait on more of Ms. Marvel’s adventures for the moment. Ahem. Library struggles are real.

Kamala, as Ms. Marvel, has been working on how to figure out her powers, just as she tries to keep her new life secret, maintain a balance at home and school, and try to keep her personal identity separate from her Ms. Marvel identity. As you can imagine, it’s not smooth sailing. Her best friend Nakia is suspicious, and Kamala is struggling to contain her superpowers at the wrong moments. Meanwhile, a villain has emerged and is kidnapping young adults and harnessing their energy for new machines that will wreak havoc upon New Jersey. Can Ms. Marvel stop them? And can she harness the power of Lockjaw, her bulldog mentor (no, really, he is a bulldog)?

This volume felt especially like a love letter to Millennials. I’m an older Millennial, and I’ve been doing my part the last few years to speak out on behalf of my generation and my youngest sister’s generation coming up. Kamala is an endearing and relatable protagonist, and the way she energizes her generation is touching. Right now, it feels like art echoing life. My generation is gearing up for the fight of its life, and we’re in it until the bitter end. Looking forward to seeing what comes next (both in the comics and in life, though the latter is scaring me kind of a lot right now).


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