CBR9 Review #90

The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan

I’ve finally (regretfully) reached the end of the Percy Jackson books. It’s a little bittersweet finishing an enjoyable new series. It’s been highly enjoyable, however, and I do see myself returning to the series and recommending it to younger readers along the way. The nice thing about these books is that they’re fun without taking themselves too seriously and informational about mythology without being too heavy-handed in focus. In short: they’re appropriate for the audience to whom they are addressed.

Percy is trying not to think too hard about the prophecy that hangs over his head and threatens his very life. But it can’t be helped. He is just about to turn 16, and all hell threatens to break loose, particularly because Kronos, embodying his former friend Luke, has gained unspeakable powers. The gods are threatening to turn against each other and away from humanity. Therefore, it’s up to Percy and his friends to protect the people they love, including their beloved Camp Half-Blood, broker peace, and take down Kronos.

Obviously, I’m avoiding as many spoilers as possible, but suffice it to say I left the series satisfied. I think that Riordan reached a good and solid conclusion that seemed reasonable and not too ridiculous. I’ve also made the personal choice not to keep reading the spinoff series that have emerged out of this one. I liked the neat conclusion I got from here, and I would like to keep it that way. I will leave Percy and his friends here at this point in their journey and wish them a fond farewell. It’s been a fun few weeks, and I am ready to move on to a different book adventure now.


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