#CBR10 Review #2

I’m Judging You: The Do-Better Manual by Luvvie Ajayi

I read this book for CBR9, and I’ll post the link here, so that I don’t re-summarize anything for you. I’m reading it for my other book club at my local library (I know, lots of book clubs; what could possibly go wrong?), and I decided that in 2018, I needed a little no-nonsense good advice in my life again. As you know from reading my review, this is where Luvvie excels. She cuts through silly nonsense and makes excellent calls to action.

What struck me on the re-read was how much has changed. It seems silly or trivial to think about our social media behavior as being so crucial, when we have a president who acts like a toddler on Twitter. The last year has been surreal and made the 2016 and earlier musings that Luvvie had written seem almost…dated. Last year, I read the bonus essay which addresses the election and ensuing ridiculousness. Luvvie herself has adapted on her blog, and her 2017 posts were absolute fire. I personally recommend everything she’s ever written about Serena Williams (but especially calling out Maria Sharapova), the call of action to White Women, and that time P. Diddy/Sean “Puffy” Combs/Puff Daddy wore a cape to The Met. She rivals R. Eric Church in sheer delight at anything related to black celebrities.

Over one year later, Luvvie’s advice feels more necessary than ever. White women, we must do better. Please read this book, because it provides helpful and hilarious perspective on how to do better in our public and private lives.


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