The Cannonball Read

In 2013, I committed to The Cannonball Read, sponsored by my favorite movie website, Pajiba. Thus, my blog has been infiltrated by individual book reviews, instead of the monthly roundup.

Back in 2008, frequent Pajiba reader by the code name AlabamaPink and Pajiba writer Brian Prisco engaged in a race to see who could read 100 books first. During this time, Pink was fighting an aggressive form of leukemia that ultimately took her life before she could finish. So ever since then, Pajiba has organized a Cannonball Read in her honor, reducing the books to 52 (or fractions of 28 and 13) for a “full Cannonball.” For every participant that makes it to 52, Pajiba will donate to a college fund for Pink’s small son.

It’s a great cause. So, during the fifth year of the Cannonball Read, I’ve decided to join in for the full 52. I hope to make it by December.

3/14/13: I am at 19 books! Already a quarter of the way done!

5/29/13: I’ve hit 41! Going to write my latest review now.

1/5/16: It’s been a few years since I first embarked on Cannonball Read. I participated in both CBR6 AND CBR7, with great success. I have now begun CBR8, at 2 books.


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